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When a relationship with husband, wife or partner starts to come under pressure it is often sensible to seek legal advice on where you stand legally were the relationship to deteriorate further. We can give you helpful and sensitive advice on questions about divorce, separation, maintenance, property division and mediation.

Many clients over the years have found it a great help to talk through their concerns in an initial one-off consultation with a sympathetic legal adviser. This provides direction, understanding and often reassurance leaving the client to decide whether or not further legal input is needed at that time.

DIVORCE proceedings

What do you do if you want to start divorce proceedings?

We can act on your behalf in the preparation of a petition and seeing the case through to the end of the divorce.

Advice before you begin is vital so that the issues involved can be fully explored and understood.

“I have just received a divorce petition. What do I do?”

Advice on how to respond to a petition and generally on the many issues now likely to arise is very important. Those issues may relate to where the children are to live, where the parties are now to live, maintenance for children and spouse as well as division of assets and liabilities.

“What about a Separation Agreement?”

Where divorce is not appropriate at the time a Separation Agreement can be a sensible step. This sets out the agreements the parties have reached concerning children, property and assets, maintenance and anything else they would like to record as agreed. This document then regulates their practical arrangements until such time as divorce takes place or a reconciliation occurs.


When parties divorce practical issues arise such as where each party is to live in the future, what happens to assets and debts of the marriage and whether maintenance is required. These matters do require careful advice and continued input in many cases.

We offer a skilled service driving towards solutions as well as understanding support in what for most people is a difficult and stressful period of life.