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Horsham, West Sussex


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Martin has been involved in criminal defence and prosecution work for much of his professional life. Specialisation in criminal defence work for five years led on to becoming a Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service in the Sussex area.

Since setting up this practice in 1990 Martin has continued to regularly represent clients in the Magistrates and Crown Courts as a criminal lawyer as well as attending police stations with clients for police questioning.

Whether it is a road traffic offence or major crime we are in a position to offer personal, prompt and skilled advice and representation.

Are you at risk from being disqualified from driving?

We have had much success over the years in advancing arguments in court leading to the client keeping their driving licence.

Do you need representation at the police station for questioning?

We can attend the Police Station with you to advise you before, during and after the interview process. Solicitor attendance with the client and advice is often of crucial
importance in the unfolding police investigation.

Please call to arrange an immediate appointment

(We are unable to offer work on a Legal Aid or publicly-funded basis.)