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How long has Martin C Dalton, Solicitor been practising as a firm in Horsham?

Following some 13 years in private practice and the Crown Prosecution Service the present practice was started in 1990 as a home-based business with Martin offering a wide range of services personally as a sole practitioner.

How long has Martin Dalton been qualified as a Solicitor?

After obtaining an Honours degree at the University of Kent at Canterbury, successfully completing training with a London firm over the following two years and also the intensive follow-on training at the College of Law at Guildford, Martin qualified as a Solicitor in 1977.

Would Martin visit me at home?

Where needed Martin will do a home visit to take instructions or give advice. There would need to be an additional charge for travelling time and mileage.

Does the firm have Insurance?

The firm carries £2,000,000 of professional indemnity insurance to cover losses to clients arising from negligent advice.

Since the firm began there have been no claims made against that insurance.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on the type of work being undertaken. Some work such as matrimonial is done on an hourly rate whilst work such as conveyancing is done on an estimate. However  the work is charged we keep you in touch with how your matter is progressing and advise if initial charges estimates are likely to be exceeded. At the outset of a case or transaction we give full details of fees (Solicitors call these ‘costs’) and seek to be as transparent as possible. Hourly rate cases are billed monthly which keeps the client in touch with how much the work is costing. VAT is charged on costs.

What if I can’t afford to employ you?

Although this firm does not do Legal Aid or publicly-funded work we are happy to work in the background helping clients to run their own cases in matters like divorce or debt collection or civil litigation. This keeps the cost down but still provides a necessary legal input.

Who regulates Solicitors?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”) supervises Solicitors in England and Wales and does so in particular by a Code of Conduct which Solicitors have to observe. They also issue Practising Certificates each year and ensure Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place.

Martin C Dalton, Solicitor is registered with and is authorised by the SRA as a Recognised Sole Practitioner, has a Practising Certificate and carries the required Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Does the firm act on Legal Aid cases?

No, only privately funded work is undertaken.

Is it easy to visit the firm?

There is free on-street parking and consultations take place on the ground floor.

If you have a question please email us on the Contact Us page and we will reply as soon as possible.